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In September 2019, the African Real Estate Society holds its 19th Annual General Meeting and Conference on a theme that mirrors previous conferences looking ahead to what the African Real Estate Market is geared to. The theme of the 19th Annual Conference grounds itself in searching for new paths for the African real estate sector.

It is a recollection of the previous conferences which for most part sought to explain the various phases in the maturing of the African real estate market with discussions centered on land administration, housing, real estate investment and markets. The main discourses were on the interrelationships of Africa real estate with the continent and respective national economies.

The focus has been on its positioning in housing, health and social infrastructure within the frameworks of sustainable human settlement, potentials and options for real estate investment and how it generally integrates with the general economy both at national and continental levels. Last Annual Conference (18th at Abeokuta in Nigeria) picked the agenda of integrating the African Real Estate market. The Abeokuta Agenda provided the necessary platform for the 19th AfRES Conference not only in terms of looking at the real estate practice in Africa but venturing into all possible facets of the society’s core mission. The 19th AfRES Conference aims at charting out strategies for transforming real estate as a hybrid profession drawing skill from several disciplines for enhancing real estate contribution to national and African social and economic development.

The 19th AfRES conference brings together African Academics and Professionals from about 20 countries to the Eastern Africa city of Arusha, the main gateway to the endowed natural wildlife and game resources, two mountain peaks, Mountains Kilimanjaro and Meru and several geographical features that include gorges and craters such as the World’s famous Ngorongoro Crater where animals and human co-habit, the Olduvai Gorge – the World’s most important paleoanthropological site in the eastern Serengeti Plain. Arusha unfolds the divide between urban and rural developments with rich agricultural lands and coffee estates, the Maasai plains and booming real estate developments.

The 19th AfRES Conference plays host to the International Real Estate Society Board Meeting and Real Estate Technical Tour by a group of prominent real estate scholars around the World.

Join us 10th -13th September 2019 for the 20th AfRES Conference – Arusha Tanzania

Main Theme: Developing New Frontiers for the African Real Estate Sector




  • Development of valuation methodology for special properties (e.g development property, leisure properties etc)
  • Valuations and Financial Reporting Standards in Africa
  • Valuation of intangibles and Goodwill
  • Cross border Valuation Practices within Africa
  • Land tenure and agricultural transformation
  • Land tenure and industrial development
  • Land acquisition, compensation and resettlement in Africa
  • Pathways to Housing/Property Tax Reforms in Africa
  • Property Tax in Urban Africa
  • Contextualizing Real Estate Education vis -a vis consumer behavior, sales and services management.
  • Ethics in Real Estate and/or Land Administration Professions .
  • The African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption- Issues and Challenges (2003-2018 Reviews).
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Tenancy Management
  • Housing Finance in Africa: Schemes and Options
  • Housing and economic development
  • Property Measurement Standards
  • Short Term Letting Platforms (STL) impacts on housing markets (Big Data)
  • Trends in Real Estate Retailing
  • Facilities Management – emerging issues in Africa
  • Sustainable Real Estate- Policies, regulations and green building
  • Managing Sustainable Cities- Empowerment Strategies
  • Urban renewal research across Africa
  • Smart and Resilient Cities: urban environment, inclusive and sharing cities, governance and finance etc (reference to Africa is ideal)