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The 19th African Real Estate Conference (AfRES) takes place in Arusha, Tanzania from 10th to 13th September 2019. Arusha hosted the historic 3rd AfRES Conference in 2001 which ignited the momentum that has since then driven the African Real Estate Conferences around the continent attracting around 20 universities that are now affiliated to AfRES and members from 15 African Countries from the three chapters that form the AfRES. Arusha 2019 Conference preludes the much awaited 20th Anniversary of AfRES Conference in 2020 likely to be in another exotic venue, Mauritius.

The principal theme for the 19th Conference is ‘The New Frontiers’ which authors have translated it to seven key areas for discussion under a general banner ‘Developing New Frontiers for the African Real Estate Sector. The sub-themes and the number of presentations to the conference in Arusha falling in each are:


21 papers from seven countries (one from outside Africa);

19 papers from thirteen countries (two from outside Africa)

18 papers from eight countries (two from outside Africa)

12 papers from six countries

5 papers from four countries (one from outside Africa)

5 papers from three countries

3 papers from three countries

Keynote Addresses

To be delivered in three parts by the following:

  1. Global Professional Standards by Alexander Aronshohn, Director – Technical Standards, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor, United Kingdom;
  2. International Property Measurement Standards – The challenge of harmonization by Prof Marc Grief from School Design, Management and Economics in Architecture, University of Applied Sciences Mainz Germany, Chair Standard Setting Committee of the DIN 18205- Demand Planning in Building Construction; c)
  3. Coalition of Standards and Benefits to Members by Prof Ira Hörndler, Chair, Competence Group Measurements at GIF, Germany.

by Prof Jeremy Gabe, Professor- School of Business University of San Diego, and Prof Norm Miller, Founder of the Real Estate Program at the University of Cincinnati and Journal of Sustainable Real Estate.

by Prof Steen Bourassa of the Florida Atlantic University- Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, President of the International Real Estate Society.

by Ben Elder, the RICS International Director for Valuation and Chair, IVSC Tangible Assets Board and Member of the IVSC Standards Board (a short video presentation with assistance of Jennifer Welsh, the Director RICS Sub-Saharan Africa.

A Real Estate Perspective by Alexia Muteke-Ceppi, Senior Consultant and Head of Education Advisory and Certification, EHL Advisory Services, Member of EHL Group along with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland.

by Prof Lussugga Kironde, Professor and Land Policy Consultant, Ardhi University Dar es Salaam.

Reflections on Housing for All by Prof Wilbard Kombe, Professor Land Planning and Housing at the Institute of Human Settlement Studies, Ardhi University.

Conference Participants

The expected number of delegates for the 19th AfRES Conference is around 300 from 24 countries with 26 universities represented by their faculty staff as presenters. For the first time, AfRES is introducing French as second language for the conference. Simultaneous translation was aimed at but had to be shelved on because of the low number of presentations. There are three presentations out of the 87. We are grateful to our Franco-Anglo members ( Prof Francois Viruly and Bonaventure Munyabugingo) who have volunteered to do the translation as the French Authors present, which has had tremendous impact on the Conference finances.